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General Rules

GSMSandwich Forum is using WARNING Method as a system to implement orderliness and to maintain standards as to how members will behave and deal with among forum members.

Please take note that infraction is not a form of punishment but rather a corrective reminder to guide members towards proper foruming.

Each warning is equivalent to 1 point and increments the number each time members were given infraction when they misbehave or violate forum rules. Each warning expires in one month but if your warning points totaled 10 points in one month time, member's account will be disabled for one (1) month.


RESPECT each and every member especially the GSMSandwich Forum Leaders and the Forum itself. BE HELPFUL and COURTEOUS ALWAYS. A member should treat other members as one would like others to treat oneself. Avoid flaming, trolling, bashing and posting insulting words that might result to quarrel among members. Do not create threads or reply post that might incite arguments and misunderstanding. Do not use words that contain rude, impertinent, impolite, vulgar, flaming, malicious, insult, innuendo and the like. Any words offensive to someone shows disrespect. To influence it to be worst is an illicit act. All threads/posts that incite quarrel will be deleted without notice. Anyone who is found to be flaming or launching personal attacks against other members shall be subject to penalty. The GSMSandwich Forum is meant to provide an enjoyable experience for all - so don't abuse them and each other.

Infraction Point: Depends on the gravity of offense and the offended party.

Member – 1 Week Ban
Chapter Leader - 1 month Ban
Moderators - 1 Month Ban
Super Chapter Leader - 3 months Ban
Super Moderators - 3 months Ban
Admins/Site Owner/Forum – Deleted Account


2.2.1. SEARCH FIRST. - Before creating a new thread, members are advised to search first to see if a similar topic already exists to avoid flooding the forum with duplicate and redundant topics.

Warning Point(s): Warning + Deletion of thread/post or Merging of thread/post to other earlier similar topic.

2.2.2. MAKE AN APPROPRIATE THREAD TITLE. - When starting a thread, please think of a title that will best fit or that will best describe the content or queries of your thread. Do not use rude, impertinent, impolite, vulgar words. Also avoid using unnecessary punctuations like series of question marks, exclamation points, special characters and the likes.

Infraction Points:

1st Offense - 1st Warning
2nd Offense - 2nd Warning
3rd Offense - Minor Warning

2.2.3. POST IN THE RIGHT SECTION. - Start a thread on the right section and with the right content. Post your thread only ONCE. Multiple or repeated posting in order to simply increase forum post count is not allowed.

Warning Point(s): Warning + moving the thread to the right section or deletion of multiple posts.

2.2.4. USE PROPER STYLE, PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR. - Avoid excessive use of neon colors, special fonts, characters, emoticons, smilies, and roller-coaster, sms, txt speak, jejemon style in posting. Limit the usage of all capital letter when posting, - especially when creating a new thread title, using all caps is the equivalent of "shouting" online - and isn't really necessary for entire posts. Use emoticons and other symbols to indicate tone. When posting in the forum, there is an absence of indicators that help one to decipher tone and the forum poster's intention. In the absence of valuable voice tone, body language, facial expressions and other social cues, emoticons and symbols (smiley face, or "*smile*") can help make tone and intention clear to other forum participants.

Warning Point(s): 1 + Editing of Post

2.2.5. STAY ON TOPIC. - Do not "hijack" forum threads and avoid directing the thread away from the current line of conversation, particularly if the original poster is seeking an answer to a question. Read all of the posts in the thread before posting. This will help avoid repeating points that have already been discussed in depth. If you'd like to discuss a different issue or problem, it's best to start a new thread on the forum.

Warning Point(s): 1 + Outright Deletion of Post

2.2.6. AVOID SPAMMING. - GSMSandwich defines SPAM as stupid Pointless Annoying message as applied to a forum simply means that a member is posting something irrelevant to the subject and he/she is not contributing any value to the topic. Definitely a member is talking about something completely OFF -TOPIC and NONSENSE that no one cares about. Spamming takes many forms but includes replies like "Thanks", "Congrats", "Galeng mo", "PM mo ako", "Pa Burger", "Nice Info Boss", "Thanks for sharing", "Dagdag Kaalaman", "hehehe", "wahahahahha", etc. Mindless spamming will NOT be tolerated in GSMSandwich. Any user found posting pointless rubbish (such as multiple posts with no text, only smilies - for example) is likely to incur an infraction. Filling the boards with pointless or nonsensical posts to increase forum post count is not acceptable either and will not be tolerated. Remaking or complaining about a locked or deleted thread by creating a new thread is also considered as a spam.
Also, SELLING and ADVERTISING OUTSIDE of the Sales Section is considered a spam.

Warning Point(s): 1 + Outright Deletion of Post

2.2.7. DO NOT BUMP THREADS. - Bumping can refer to posting useless information, posting one-liners or any other action to deliberately keep a thread hot or to bring it to the top of its forum. Also, members are advised not to resurrect a very old topic if nothing significant will be added. Bumping any old topic without any good reason and no new information added will be penalized.

Warning Point(s): 1 + Outright Deletion of Thread/Post


2.3.1. SHARING OF FILES & PROCEDURES. Threads in the technical section must have procedures and its files being used accordingly & respectively. - This forum encourages members to post complete and correct procedure and its corresponding content/data that is being used when posting in the Technical Sections. Do not post simply to add post counts but be responsible enough so that members can received and learn something beneficial from your threads and posts. Passworded files must put or include the correct password in your post. "Private Message for the password is not allowed.

Warning(s): Reminder + Outright Deletion of Thread/Post

2.3.2. AVOID MISLEADING THREAD and the GENERAL RULING PERTAINING ON PASSWORDED LINKS/ATTACHMENTS. - This rule applies to all members who deliberately or intentionally post misleading information which results to members dis-advantage or cause damage. Members are suggested from refraining in posting links with password and later on ask the members to PM them for the password. However, due to the public demand, we give a consideration to the poster to encrypt their file by putting a password of their own choice just to give credit for their valuable effort, time and diligence in uploading this file, but be sure to indicate your password at the end of your thread (it should be on the first page).

Warning Point(s): Major Warning + moving the thread to the Recycle Bin

2.3.3. NO TO NUDITY/OBSCENITY, GORY AND OFFENSIVE IMAGES. - This forum discourages members to ask for or post pictures and videos containing pornography, sexually explicit, gross violence as determined by the moderators to be detrimental to the community.

1 month ban: Outright Deletion of Thread/Post

2.3.4. POLITICS, RACIST, ETHNICS AND RELIGIOUS TOPICS ARE PROHIBITED. - These topics are prohibited because we want to avoid possible conflicts and these topics almost always creates arguments among members since we always have differences in opinions and these topics are sensitive to some members. Using racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful language is likewise discouraged.

Warning Point(s): 1 + Outright Deletion of Thread/Post

2.3.5. UNETHICAL HACKING, CRACKING OR ANY RELATED MALICIOUS TOPIC. - Posting of any tutorials related to website cracking, black hat hacking and the like, as well as sharing of malicious and destructive information, exploit and vulnerability of other sites and posting of any materials, software application and tools use to subvert computer security without authorization, vandalism, credit card fraud or identity theft. Requesting to hack members account in any social networking site is also prohibited.

Warning Point(s): Extreme Warning + Outright Deletion of Thread/Post


Whoever shall make business transaction/s to any of the forum members does it at his own risk. Therefore negotiate only to those who are reliable and verified. We advise all who wish to engage in buying or selling in this forum to make precautions, conduct detail/s verification and make all necessary measures to prevent inconvenient result/s. The forum hereby expressly detach itself to any harm, mischief or any damages arising from buying and selling from this forum. Because of this, we strongly suggest to take the best course of action for your own interest's sake.

As the forum's best intention to protect it's members in engaging in "SALES & SERVICES SECTION" as provided herein, the following guidelines will be strictly implemented.

2.4.1. Those who wish to enjoy the privilege of "SALES & SERVICES SECTION" as provided by this forum must be a Chapter member with a minimum of 200 posts. All new items such as Cellphones, Gadgets, Pirated CDs, Parts & Accessories are prohibited to be sold here. This section only allows its qualified member to sell only what is said to be their own belongings and shall not exceed for more than two items. All threads made in this section requires approval first from the Admin (only) before it can be seen by the members of this forum (respectively). The waiting approval period is from two days up to three days, unless disapprove, you will have to wait on said approval period.

2.4.2. In selling, the following details shall apply. Name of the seller, amount of the item being sold, full description of the item being sold, image of the item being sold together with the seller of said item being sold. If it's about "looking for a job" or a "job for hire", the following details shall apply, Position & description of the job, amount of salary being offered, place of work, and duly person to inquire with for the said vacancy. The approval for this post/s depends entirely on it truthfulness and completeness of the information contain in it.

2.4.3. The Sales & Services Section of this forum is for personal (private) use only. All commercial sales is disapproved.

2.4.4. Use this privilege accordingly. If you wish to trade (swap) for something, thread/post should be made in "Swapping Section". If you look for something, thread/post should be made in "Looking For/Want to Buy Section" of this forum. Post in the right section as improper postings will mete disapproval only.

2.4.5. Refrain from posting unnecessary comments when transacting. Stick on topic and from what is being sold. Do not create disorder. If you cannot afford the price, simply ignore it or politely ask for a discount.

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